How Parents of Online High School Students Should Prep for Success?

Parent engagement is pretty important in helping online high school students succeed. The extent of parental intervention depends on multiple factors, such as the qualifications of the parents, whether or not the student is an independent learner, whether or not the online school provides proper teaching support, how busy the parents are in their professional lives and many more.

It is up to the parents as to how much involved they want to be in their child’s education. Even if they have a busy schedule, they need to take out some time to monitor their children’s growth and attendance. 

Here are some of the most prominent ways parents of online students can prep for high school success:

Prepare a proper learning space

You, as a parent, need to zero in on a proper study place. It might be an entire room or just a little corner of a room. You must consult your kid, before preparing his/her study space. After all, you must have an idea as to what suits him well and helps him keep focus.

Usually, setting up a simple study space works really well. You must keep a notebook, pencils and other needed supplies that your child might need. Keep in mind that finding a learning space that works for your child may take some trial and error. However, certainly, it worth the time to find dedicated space. Space should be with zero or minimal distractions. There should be proper light and space. The place should be relatively quiet, as compared to the other rooms of your house. It should be maintained clean and organized.

Separate study space is more important for your kid than you think. Taking a plunge into online high school education can be highly baffling for any first-time online student. So, you need to give efforts to create a working environment that will ensure your student’s success. It should allow them to finish off their daily coursework, without fail.

Thus, the workspace needs to be designed for productivity.

Prepare a weekly schedule

Without a proper schedule, a student is likely to proceed in a directionless manner. In this case, there are high chances for the kid to get deviated midway in the online high school course. So, for everything to fall in place, the starting point needs to be a definite one. Preparing a proper schedule is equivalent to marking the starting point!

Parents must help their children to set up a weekly schedule. Doing it all alone might be is time-consuming. Even better if you come up with a weekly routine for your child. This is believed to be more effective. You can make changes whenever and wherever required, as per your student’s learning pattern, style, and pace.

A weekly schedule must be very detailed and feasible. Never keep it too loaded. Else, there are high chances for your kid to get disappointed when he/she will not be able to live up to his/her schedule. Thus, balance is key.

Your student needs to set a start time, daily, and their day should include times for short breaks.
The catch here is that you need to help your child not just block out time for each subject but also set certain personal deadlines to complete course-related tasks. This will help him/her to submit assignments and projects in a timely fashion. Above all, you must be engaged in your child’s learning. You should follow up with them. Make them realize that they need to stick to their learning schedule, no matter what!

Encourage your children to communicate with their teachers

Communication is truly vital in any learning environment. In an online learning environment, communication plays a major role because there is no face-to-face interaction here. It is impossible for the online teachers to get any visual cues in case something wrong has happened with a child that might be hampering his/her learning. So, children need to voice out their queries and worries openly, to their online instructors.

While many kids will be self-initiators right from the beginning, certain kids might need a special kind of “push” to express their issues in front of their online instructors. This is where parents need to get involved and help their introverted children. Parents need to play a huge role in opening the lines of communication between the instructor and the child.

As a parent, you must also communicate with the online teachers, especially who teach your child and monitor him/her. Try to find out how you can support your child in better ways. Ask the teachers whether extra help sessions are available.

An online learning environment can be thriving and success-driven for your child only when he/she communicates with the online teachers.

Setting certain limits

Now, too much freedom can lead to too much comfort. And, getting too comfortable is not a good sign! Parents must set ground rules for breaks. You should make sure that your student is avoiding gaming, videos, or any other technology during break time. These breaks are created to give your student a short time away from the screen. It should be a relaxation time for your kids.

Create pacing guides

You must create pacing guides for your children to learn in the most systematic manner. These will help your student understand what to achieve in each subject area. Accordingly, they can plan out their weekly schedule. This will also help them to complete their courses on time. Keep in mind that pacing guide length and the amount of work will vary on a daily basis. You can ask your student’s teacher for help for creating pacing guides.

Be open to learning

You need to be a good learner yourself, in order to teach your children well. You must be aware of the tools and services available to your student. When you are pretty aware of the online learning tools and resources, you can help your children in their learning, more effectively. Thus, your student can successfully navigate the online world of education.

How to Catch up on Credits and get back on Track to Graduate?

What are credit recovery programs?

Credit Recovery programs are mainly crafted to include different strategies that can be customized to suit each student’s individual academic needs. No two students have the same capabilities and grasping powers. Thus, the course material needs to be tailored in the best interests of the student. This type of customization can maximize learning and improve retention as well.

Usually, the most common form of delivering Credit Recovery programs is via online summer school programs. From a traditional perspective, students can take Credit Recovery courses during regular school hours, after school. They might even take such special courses during vacation breaks or during the summer.
Today, there are many online schools that are offering Credit Recovery programs. Thus, students now have multiple options to make good on their credit score. Thanks to online platforms, the students can now work with a variety of learning styles, creativity, and communication skills.

Need for Credit Recovery Programs
In the present times, the level of competition in the job market is really high. Also, the globalization is increasing rapidly. A high school diploma is never sufficient. It is pretty much the first step toward building a solid and secure foundation for the present-day students.

A high school diploma is a big asset for any student, in whichever field he is opting to go. It is all the more essential for those seeking to go on to college or applying for a job providing a fat salary.

Most of the summer courses can also be taken for credit recovery. These courses are pretty much instructor-led. The students make sure to follow a weekly schedule. Courses need to be NCAA affiliated.

It is important for students to understand the importance of having a high school diploma. Students need to understand the value of a high school diploma right from the very beginning. Such programs usually prepare the children for the upcoming college-level or job-level work environment.

It is required for students to approach online learning with a new mindset. Online courses can do much more than just to help you recover your credits! Most of these online courses offer you an exclusive platform with new learning methodologies. These modern methods make use of learning processes in order to maximize retention.

This helps students to improve their overall learning process.

Here are the top benefits of enrolling for credit recovery programs:
  • It offers a good deal of flexibility and convenience
  • It provides engaging course content that can be personalized as per the student learning needs and objectives
  • It helps the student to develop good retention skills
  • It helps the student to build better synchronization of time schedules
  • It helps the student to overcome geographical limitations as well. They have good access to the online teaching faculty.
  • The system can speed up the process of delivering results and feedback
  • The timelines are optimized strategically, maintaining an unwavering focus on the structured and accelerated curriculum

Most of the online courses tend to give your child the edge needed to deal with these and other credit recovery issues. The best part is that your student will have the scheduling flexibility to retake courses to bring up his or her GPA. You can even catch up to classmates and get the credits that are way important to graduate in a timely fashion.

Core Credit Recovery Courses
The core Credit Recovery Courses usually include English 9, English 10, American Literature, British and World Literature, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Integrated Mathematics I, Geometry, Integrated Mathematics II, Algebra II, Physical Science, Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, World History, Modern World Studies, Geography, U.S. History, Modern U.S. History, U.S. Government and Politics and Economics.

Most of the online credit recovery courses are affordable, convenient, and flexible. These are importantly self-paced.

You can have immediate access to your course. You can start as soon as you are ready. These are free one-on-one online tutoring. These include a writing center, scheduled, or drop-in. Your degree plan usually consists of full course credit for courses. You might experience easy credit transfers.

Most of these courses provide live support to get the technical, membership, or course support. Go for full course credit for courses within your degree plan. Always remember that high-quality degree programs and commitment contribute largely to your educational success.

Many individual schools determine credit eligibility these courses. Students who enroll in a credit recovery course are not really dependent on their school. They are pretty much responsible for determining whether their school will grant them the credit.

Thanks to online learning, online homeschool programs have access to a platform that can be customized to suit their personal needs. They usually have complete control over the way they learn without having to deal with conventional pressures. These pressures mostly include coping with their peers and finishing off their assignments within set deadlines.

In online learning, the students have the freedom to browse through their content at their own self-generated pace. They can spend as much time as they need to in order to learn it thoroughly.

The online school programs have deadlines as well. However, these courses are pretty much flexible than traditional schooling programs. Most of the online summer school. Students are more open to asking questions and understanding their course material when they are not subjected to the possibility of public ridicule by their peers. Online learning platforms allow them to do that. They are free to interact with their teachers and their classmates online. They can exchange info and ask questions without being laughed at.

Thanks to online learning, students have easy access to a number of different opportunities in the virtual environment. Many online courses can be used to earn extra credit, enroll for electives, Advanced Placement courses, Dual enrollment courses, and other advanced ones.

Thus, it can be stated that online platforms provide a feasible option for imparting education. Most of these credit recovery courses can be rigorous to test the true mettle of the students.

Tips to Help Freshmen Start Online High School Strong

All’s well that ends well! However, in the case of online courses, all’s well that starts well! You need to be prepared well before starting with your online course. This is mainly because your online high school learning environment is pretty different from that of a traditional learning environment. Thus, if you are making a switch from a traditional school to an online high school, you need to train yourself well before you take a leap!

Get youreslf a nice work space
You need to get a proper work space. This will keep you focused and determined, right from the beginning. In fact, getting one is not enough; you need to maintain the work space. There is no point in decluttering your work space.

Try to get rid of any trash or old scape paper that you no longer require.  In case, you do not have a designated workspace, go for space you can make your own. You should be able to keep your laptop or computer charged. You should have good light. It should be airy as well. Also, it should have minimum distractions. In short, it should be a quiet and safe place. And, it need not be fancy! You must get this place organized well as well.

Get your supplies
At the time of setting up your workspace, you must replenish your supplies. Many extra supplies might be needed. These mainly include pens, pencils, a highlighter, scratch paper etc. You must keep these supplies carefully. Keep the place organized. This will lessen the chances of losing your crucial items!

Build a schedule
In order to start your new class on the right note, you must come up with a good learning schedule.You must create a schedule with all of your class times. You can actually take help from your online teachers.After all, your teacher is a professional who will know how to build a smart learning schedule that will be result-centric and success-driven!

You must include a lunch break and other short breaks as well. Make it feasible for yourself. Too much load will take the fun out of online learning. Keep and maintain the balance! Try to lessen the screen time. Set your personal deadlines and maintain reminders for the same. Keep the learning schedule flexible, in case you might have to change it at a later stage.

Connect with your online teachers right from the start
Your online teachers are always there to help you. So, you must avail this incredible human resource provided to you by top online schools, such as Forest Trail Academy online high school. You must reach out to your teachers unhesitantly. Focus on communicating with them right from the start. This will help you to create a healthy rapport with your online teachers. Unless you put your voice forward, your teacher will not be able to get an idea of your common academic concerns, if you have any. After all, there is no face-to-face interaction here. So, your teachers will not get any cur here!

You must ask for advice on what you could do differently to better your performance. They will tell you about the exact strategies to help you succeed.

Write down your goals
It is imperative to set semester goals. These goals might be short-term or long-term. Most importantly, you must pen these down. There is no point in keeping these in mind! In order to keep yourself driven to reach your goals, you should be clear as to what the goals are. In order to gain clarity, just write these down! This is a crucial step. It will help you strategize well and do your tasks right on time. Procrastination is an enemy for any online student. Thus, right goal-setting can help you to do away with this common habit.

Get into the habit of working independently
You need to be an independent learner in order to be a successful online learner. However, most of you might get worried since you are usually not programmed to learn independently. The truth is that even if you are not born as an independent learner, practice makes you be one. And, in fact, you can reach greater heights when you are an independent learner. This is because while doing so, you will be aware of your weak points and strong points as well. And when you are well aware of yourself, you can just make the right decisions, when it comes to your career or learning!

Independent form of learning will teach you how to manage your time effectively. It will help you to stay ahead of your task. You will be bound to take the ownership of your career. Thus, you will be get transformed into a responsible individual!

Get into the habit of socializing virtually
Many claims that online learning is making students socially awkward. The truth is that online high schools provide ample ways to socialize. The only thing is that the approach is different from those provided by traditional high schools.

In an online environment, you can interact via various virtual platforms, such as discussion forums, collaborative online projects, communicating online via some communicator etc. Thus, you need to get into the habit of socializing online. And the good thing is that you can meet up with your newly found online friends as well! The good thing here is that you can actually choose your friends.

You need to learn how to communicate effectively in an online environment. You will never feel isolated when you connect with your online learning community.

Gather basic technological skills
In order for you to avail the benefits of online resources and tools, you need to know how the technology works! And you do not need to know the intricate details. But, you certainly need to know the basics well. This is important, today, not only for an online learner but any individual who wants to flourish!