What can I do to make sure I graduate high school in time?

Graduating on time in high school is essential because it builds up the future path for you. There`s no point in attaining a degree when you are taking 2-4 years in securing it. It simply reflects on the poor educational structure of your institution or the lack of attentiveness or capability within you.

Graduating early from high school has numerous benefits for students. Especially, this concern of graduating at time in high school hovers in the minds of traditional school students because they are the ones who are usually left behind a year or two due to poor grades or low scores. For example, you being a student of high school somehow pass the subject, but end up securing D grade. In realistic terms, D grade is something which no student adores because it shows that the student poor performance in the examination and only good enough to sprint across the passing line; that`s it. For online school students, things also at times get murkier at their ends and they also end up getting low grades in their subjects. Because of these reasons, the high school graduation of both traditional and online school`s students get delayed.

For these students credit recovery programs are the best alternatives in the current scenario which are offered by online schools. These programs give a second chance to the learners who couldn’t do well enough in their first shot. Credit recovery courses which are highly promoted in the online schools today help the student graduate the high school exactly on time. However, there still remains question in the minds of people as to what extra benefits does this credit recovery course have? Here, in this article we would understand the various benefits:

Let`s have a look at some of the astounding benefits which these credit recovery courses offer
·         Just build up on the knowledge you acquire- in the credit recovery programs, all you have to just strengthen the subject in which you already have knowledge. There`s no need of re-grasping a new subject or new matter altogether again. This is the beauty of this program. Credit recovery courses have attained demand within the students in the recent past because they offer a customized learning atmosphere. A student gets to manage time and his study material appropriately before he appears for a re-exam.

·         Customized learningin the credit recovery course, a student has the option to personally modify and readjust the course material in any way it suits him. As the subject matter is already acquainted to the student, so it would be easy to just strengthen the base. Moreover, each unit will start with a pre-test and once the student passes this one, he can easily shift on to the next unit. This would eventually allow the student to just learn and finish off the course sooner in order to graduate sooner.

·         Easy assistancein the online credit recovery courses, the best thing is that students easily avail the help from the teachers. Through phone calls, emails, chats, personal messages, they cansolve issues easily. It paves a smooth path for the learners in getting the good grades in their subjects.

·         A lifeline for the traditional school studentsmost importantly, these online credit recovery programs which have been initiated by the online schools are rescuers for those students who couldn’t secure decent grades in their subjects and on top of that don’t have any other mechanism to improve their performances. As these recovery programs are gaining limelight, more students are coming forward and enrolling themselves in these schools.

Transferring the gained credits back to regular school
The traditional school goers need not worry over the transferring of credits as most of the schools today accept the credit scores of the online schools. However, the final decision to accept the credit scores is all and will be dependent upon the school authorities. Here, the school will make note of two things.

  • The subject expert will analyse whether the course structure of the credit recovery program is similar to the school`s syllabus or not. This to ensure that the syllabus remains at par with the standardized levels which the schools set. In case, the course material is different, then the transfer of the credits might be rejected by the school.
  • Secondly, the credit system transfer gets extremely simple when both the schools i.e. the traditional and the online school are using the same system and procedure. For instance, one credit on one single full year high course is a norm in the schools of Florida, USA. So, if both the schools are using the same system, then the transfer of the credit becomes much easier. In case, there are differences, the credit transfer might get little complicated.

It`s always better to study in length the credit transferring of schools before you decide to take on the credit recovery program. Students should personally get in talks with their subject teachers and school authorities of their traditional school so that they don’t have to face the hassles anymore.

Always choose a reliable accredited online school

Since there have now arose numerous online schools, students should refrain from joining every other school which promises them lucrative deals on credit recoveries. Majority of them are fake and unaccredited schools, and their credit scores aren’t accepted by the reputed and premium schools at any cost. These schools are unaccredited which means they aren’t authenticated and verified by any educational agency. Before joining a school always check the accreditation and it`s reviews. Don`t mess up your grades in a hurry because at the end you will lose money and time both.

One school which has been in the good books of students off late is Forest Trail Academy which is also based in Wellington, Florida, USA. It is a fully accredited online high school which imparts education through internet from basic elementary level to high school. It is one of the best online schools which has achieved massive recognition by students from all over the world. It`s course structure, faculty, teaching pattern are all up to the mark. It conducts number of optional programs like the credit recovery. So, you can approach the school`s faculty via their website. Get in touch with a spokesperson from the school and discuss your query in brief.

What’s the real deal about Online Homeschooling?

Conventional schooling systems are slowly becoming obsolete and it is about time we took notice. In fact, they are being replaced by more sophisticated online homeschooling platforms that provide students with access to their entire course material from virtually any place. All they need is access to the internet. Yes, that’s true. Students no longer require a computer either. With technological advances taking the field of education by storm, children these days are able to browse through their entire course material on portable tablets and in some cases even their smartphones. Online K-12 courses aren’t limited to desktop computers and laptops anymore. The world as we know it is rapidly changing and we need to be prepared. More than us, it is our children who need to be equipped for what lies ahead.

Several parents have been aggressively pulling their children out of traditional schooling environments because of the several advantages online learning systems offer them. Recent studies show a rapidly rising enrollment rate for online K-12 courses all across the United States. In fact, online schools are slowly proving to be the future of our entire education system.They are economically very viable and are suited to educate virtually anyone who’s willing to learn. There are courses available for all kinds of students including special and gifted children. Working professionals too can take their pick of courses without really worrying too much about scheduling their classes. The only minor hurdle most people face currently is in making the transition. Online homeschooling is a whole different ballgame than what most of us have grown up with. Moving away from a system that has worked for us for decades and adopting something entirely new will certainly throw up some apprehensions.

The best way out of this however, is to spend a little time learning more about online learning platforms. Several parents over the recent past have raised reasonable concerns about the effectiveness of online K-12 courses. Like every concerned parent out there, teachers and educators too, share the same concerns. While critics will always exist, there are some strong points working for online schools in the country. Graduation rates in the country have been improving. The dropout rates too, have been on the decline. Students seem to be showing renewed interest in their education and several of them have been exploring options to make up for lost credits. Amidst all this encouraging information, the only concern that seems to stand out is that of the long-term effectiveness of such learning avenues. Are they really as good as they claim to be when stacked up against brick-and-mortar schools?

Online homeschooling works fundamentally on the principle of independent learning. Students are encouraged to take on the personal responsibility of their own education. In fact, online homeschool courses allow students complete flexibility to schedule their study time as well as the pace at which they would like to complete the learning of their course material. At Forest Trail Academy, we have always believed in and continue to encourage the attitude of lifelong learning. In truth, no one’s learning process ever stops. It is up to us to choose whether we want to continue the learning process we started as children or limit the potential of our minds by giving up on the learning process after a certain age.

Why Choose Forest Trail Academy?

While online home schooling isn’t a new concept to people in the United States, the technology currently being used is definitely a lot more advanced and is moving forward at a rapid rate. Adapting to new technology has never been an issue with the young generation, which is something we need to take advantage of, especially when the technology being embraced is all set to benefit them in a huge manner. Forest Trail Academy has always embraced change and it is one of the key factors we focus on when imbibing in our students the values and skills they need to be successful in the real world. As most of you may be aware, there are a number of schools in the country conducting online K-12 courses. So, why should you choose to enroll with Forest Trail Academy?

For starters, Forest Trail Academy is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI), and is also nationally accredited by MSA-CESS. We provide our students with a course curriculum that is aligned and articulated to the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards. Moreover, our integrated online learning platform offers our students access to some of the best online facilities one could ask for. For those of you who may be new to the concepts of online education and distance learning, we’ve even come up with an online demo facility, available at www.foresttrailacademy.com, to help you browse through and know more about the kind of online environment you would be studying in.

Studying online is now an option for students across the country and across different grade levels too. While most parents are aware of online high schools, there are online middle schools and online elementary schools as well in the country that are helping groom students for the future. Online learning isn’t just for high school students but also for lower grades and working professionals as well. In addition to helping working professionals get back to school and further their education, online environments have also been employed by companies to impart training to their workforce in an endeavor to further their competencies while keeping costs low. From the perspective of imparting education at the school level, online schooling certainly seems to be the way forward in delivering high quality education at a fraction of the costs of traditional methods.

Helping our children gain back their advantage over their global counterparts is of prime importance and the adoption of online education and distance learning is one sure way to help them get there. Online K-12 courses run by online high schools, online middle schools and online elementary schools in the country have opened up so many new possibilities and opportunities for students to pursue their different interests without compromising on their current education. They have been given the opportunity to explore subjects that may have been out of the purview of their traditional education course curriculum without any real hassles. All they need to do is log in to their computers to access their course material, thereby making it a very viable and feasible alternative to traditional education.