Online Correspondence Courses offered by FTA

Online Elementary School:

Forest Trail academy offers accredited, online elementary school for grade levels Kindergarten - 5th. Our elementary school students have access to an interactive, wider range of courses; work while working at their own pace. Our elementary school online classes include teachers, lessons, projects, homework, class discussions and tests.

Online Middle School:
Forest Trail Academy offers the hallmark of truly effective traditional education programs for grade levels 6th - 8th. All online middle school courses are taught by highly qualified teachers, and our curriculum is aligned with the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.   

Online High School:
We offer accredited, online high school for grade levels 9th - 12th. Our high school students have access to an interactive, wider range of coursework while working at their own pace. All students have an opportunity to earn credits for the various diploma options we offer.  

Home School Correspondence Courses:
Home School / Correspondence is a great option for students who prefer a book option of learning versus online. Students enrolled in a public, home school or private high school may also participate in this option. Both Secular Correspondence and Christian Correspondence programs are offered.

College Prep Diploma (24 Credits):
This program takes the traditional four years to complete high school and requires students to earn at least 24 credits in core content areas. Foreign language credit is required for this program. Students must earn at least 14 of the 24 required credits in specified rigorous-level courses.
To know more about College Prep Diploma.

General Ed Diploma (21 Credits):
The requirements of this program are designed to prepare students for entering a post secondary institution of education (technical schools, junior, and community colleges). This accelerated graduation program requires fewer credits than a college preparatory diploma. Students must earn at least 11 of the 21 required credits in specified rigorous-level courses. Click to read more  about 
General Ed Diploma.

Vocational Ed Diploma (16 credits):
The requirements of the program are designed to prepare students for entrance into a technical center or entrance into the workforce. This accelerated graduation program requires fewer credits and focuses more on core academic courses. Students must earn at least 15 of the 16 required credits in specified rigorous-level courses. Click here to know more
Vocational Ed Diploma.

Individual Courses/Credit Recovery:
While the full Kindergarten - 12th grade programs are still the best option both academically and financially for most families, we recognize that there may be good reasons why a student may wish to take only a course or two with us, credit recovery, summer school, accelerated credits, electives, foreign languages.

 Advanced Placement (AP) Courses:
Forest Trail Academy offers Advanced Placement Courses. Please be cognizant that we offer the courses and NOT the test. AP courses are available as year long courses only. 


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