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5 Ways to Sustain Motivation in Your Online Class

It is pretty evident that in an online school, learners need to be the self-initiators. They need to take charge of their performance. They need to be self-disciplined and self-motivated.

Here are the top 5 ways to sustain motivation in your online class:

Make sure to get into a routine
Without routine, you are only as good as a headless chicken! Thus, framing a routine is one of the most vital parts of successfully managing online learning. While creating a self-routing, keep your lifestyle, learning style, learning pattern and grasping power in mind. In short, get a personalized online learning routine. You can certainly consult with your parents, teachers and even the Academic counselor of your online school. Keep in mind that your parents might even know you better than you!

However, just creating a routine is not enough. You need to stick to it by all means. If you allow yourself to deviate from your set routine, you might have to struggle to get back on the track.

The online learnin…