5 Ways to Sustain Motivation in Your Online Class

It is pretty evident that in an online school, learners need to be the self-initiators. They need to take charge of their performance. They need to be self-disciplined and self-motivated.

Here are the top 5 ways to sustain motivation in your online class:

Make sure to get into a routine
Without routine, you are only as good as a headless chicken! Thus, framing a routine is one of the most vital parts of successfully managing online learning. While creating a self-routing, keep your lifestyle, learning style, learning pattern and grasping power in mind. In short, get a personalized online learning routine. You can certainly consult with your parents, teachers and even the Academic counselor of your online school. Keep in mind that your parents might even know you better than you!

However, just creating a routine is not enough. You need to stick to it by all means. If you allow yourself to deviate from your set routine, you might have to struggle to get back on the track.

The online learning schedule must be feasible and humanly attainable. It should not be loaded. It should be flexible enough for you to make changes if needed later on.

In order to plan well, get a planner. Make sure you give yourself clear goals, targets, and deadlines for the day. This way you will be able to manage your work effectively. This way you can make sure you get everything done.

Get a walk outside
While maintaining a fixed study space, you must go out of your house once every day. This will replenish your mind and soul! Else, you might just go crazy! You can go ahead and pick up some groceries, go for a walk, meet a friend, do an exercise class etc. Actually, getting out the house is a great idea.

Once every week, you can go study from your favorite coffee shop or library. You certainly can find a quiet spot in such areas. Keep in mind that a slight change of scenery will freshen your mind and keep you sharp.

Talk to your teachers and parents
In an online environment, there is no live interaction. So, students need to make sure that they express well in front of their teachers and parents! In other words, the students need to be self-initiators. They need to build a good rapport with their online teachers and peers. Also, they are required to be open enough with their parents. They can email their tutor, reach out to a friend or confide in their parents or relatives. Thus, they should ask for help if required. This will not only get their academic issues resolved but will also provide them with mental support. This will keep them confident and motivated throughout the course.

Avail socializing opportunities
When it comes to online school learning, it can seem a bit difficult to switch off from work. However, this is not true. Any genuine and accredited online school provides ample opportunities for students to socialize. The best part is that students can take their own time to find your like-minded peers. There is no forced socialization here! Only effective socialization takes place!

You might consider creating or joining a community of like-minded people. This will help you overcome your isolation to a great extent! You can even join a forum or blog to share your thoughts in the simplest possible way! Keep in mind that most eLearning platforms provide this. You can even create your own group on Skype or some other similar platform to invite everyone to join. Thus, you can actually help each other grow in the simplest way possible.

Keep in mind that your social networks can be put to maximum use here. You can consider giving yourself simple accolades when you accomplish something. This will keep you encouraged. You can share your progress with your friends and family. The best part is that you are sure to get their support. You might even end up inspiring some of them to do better.

List your purpose
There can be several times during your online course when you feel too lazy to do your work or too frustrated with your progress to carry forward! During these challenging times, you should self-remind as to why you signed up for the course in the first place. Your goal might have been to acquire a new skill that could help you in your current job. You might have wanted a certification to qualify you for another course. Or, simply you just might have wished for personal development. Thus, there can be several reasons. So, you should remind yourself of them to motivate you to go on. This would prevent you from wasting any time. You might just start using all of your time in a productive manner!

You must make the online tools work for you. At the time when you are studying at home, the lack of supervision can make following the path really hard. It would be less likely for you to procrastinate and waste hours on social networks. You can even use site blocking plugins like StayFocusd to cut down the time spent on such non-productive sites.

There are some people who have a hard time organizing the work. If you belong to this category, you can actually use certain apps to help you concentrate on one task at a time.

Balance well. You must learn to balance your work, school, and life. Though not that easy, the art of balancing improves with practice! You must avoid letting any area overwhelm you. Keep in mind that the self-pacing aspect of online courses makes them ideal for busy working adults. You must take short breaks to help you return to your studies refreshed and ready to focus.

Remember that feeling overwhelmed or getting behind can cause stress. This can be demotivating. Being positive will help you going when you want to procrastinate on an assignment or don’t feel like logging in.