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Online middle schools in Mississippi and other parts of the country also cater to the surrounding needs of students by providing them with access to elementary as well as high school education. Forest Trail Academy itself offers students a host of courses ranging from kindergarten through to high school. We’ve even got elective courses as well as Advanced Placement Programs for those who wish to enroll for these. The quality of education offered by online schools in the United States is absolutely on par with that of traditional schools, with the added advantage of the flexibility offered by a web-based environment. We follow a curriculum that has been aligned and articulated to both, the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.

Student-teacher Interaction in an online environment is a lot more beneficial than in a conventional setting. Students are allowed to interact with their teachers in real-time as well as via email to enable more frequent exchanges of information, thereby enabling teachers to track students’ progress in a much more progressive manner. Also, since the interaction online can also be in an asynchronous manner, both, students and teachers are allowed the freedom to schedule information transmission accordingly. The best online middle schools in Oregon and other states offer students flexible online learning environments that are customized to get the best out of online learning.

At Forest Trail Academy, we take pride in the state-of-the-art online platform we’ve had developed based on years of experience. It is one of the important characteristics that set us apart from most online middle schools in Kentucky and other states. Our students are provided with a completely secure online social network that not only helps them with their interaction with their teachers but also helps them foster friendships in the online world. For parents who may not be familiar with how an online social network works in an online school, it is very similar to Facebook with the added facilities of progress monitoring and secure information exchange between peers.

Last but not the least, the costs involved are a major factor helping parents tilt toward adopting online learning as a preferred option. With federal budgets being slashed and the economy showing sluggish signs of recovery, traditional schools are seemingly becoming more of a burden to families, and given the fact that online middle schools in Mississippi and elsewhere are leveraging technology to the hilt to bring down costs, it is only natural for parents to explore such options in an attempt to provide the best for their families. Being a fully accredited online school in the United States makes Forest Trail Academy one of the best options one could ask for when seeking an alternative to conventional education.

If you’re looking to go the online way, then is your gateway to online middle schools in Kentucky and the rest of the country as well.

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Online Homeschooling For Your Child

It’s true that online home school learning offers numerous benefits over traditional schooling methods, the most obvious one being studying online at your own pace. But that does not imply an easier way out. E-learning requires just as much hard work as classroom learning, if not more.

But the benefits far outmatch those offered by a classroom. Students are offered a flexible and holistic environment in which they can learn to achieve their educational goals. They are taught discipline to ensure they do not slack off. Furthermore, the environment of an online high school offers them the freedom to interact with their peers without traditional hindrances.

Our online high school home school courses are transferable and are accepted by schools all over the country. This makes it much easier for students in special circumstances, such as student-athletes or students with parents whose jobs require them to move a lot, to carry on their education without interruption.

Why Forest Trail Academy?

There are a lot of online high schools out there offering you a high school diploma. So, why choose us?

At Forest Trail Academy, we are committed to providing students in various life circumstances access to nationally accredited online curriculum. Our curriculum is aligned with both, the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.

Forest Trail Academy is nationally accredited and registered with the Florida Department of Education. We are also accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI). 

At Forest Trail Academy, we go beyond just teaching. We work to ensure that No Child is Left Behind.

Our professional staff works alongside our well qualified team of educators to work towards the common goal of helping our students achieve academic excellence. In addition to being professionally qualified our teachers and student advisors make sure our students choose the right online courses that are best suited to their strengths. They go that extra mile to offer our students the right guidance that will help them choose the right career path.

Forest Trail Academy is one of the few schools in United States Of America that offer you accredited online high school training along with a holistic environment to ensure the overall development of your child. We understand the rapidly changing world that our children live in today and make sure we help them keep up with ever changing technology. We ensure that our online learning platform employs the latest innovative technology so as to enable students to have access to the best possible online education systems.

Choose your path with Forest Trail Academy

In today’s world, a simple choice can alter the way your life turns out. We understand the concerns parents have about their children. At Forest Trail Academy, we constantly strive to involve parents in the entire learning process so that they too, can have a chance to monitor and evaluate their child’s performance. Our student testimonials speak of our success in helping them achieve academic excellence and realizing their dreams.

Online high school homeschool education has benefited millions of families all over the world. You could be one of them. Give your child that opportunity. We believe we can make a difference. At Forest Trail Academy, we constantly strive to achieve that goal. There is no better reward than to watch a child grow up to be a wonderful human being.

With the flexibility and intense focus on learning, homeschooling can be a wonderful boon for your child. We offer you the opportunity to help your child build a wonderful life based on a strong academic foundation and life-enhancing skill sets. We offer you that chance because together, we know we can.

We look forward to welcoming you into our family.

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Accredited Online High School for Your Child

Forest Trail Academy is one of the leading online high schools in USA. We offer online school courses in various subjects for students from Kindergarten through 12th grade. At Forest Trail Academy, we pride ourselves in the knowledge we impart to our students and the methodology used in imparting that knowledge.

Online education is fast gaining ground as the preferred mode of learning. The number of high schools offering online school courses has soared in the past few years. Why? Clearly because of all the advantages an online learning environment offers over traditional schooling methods. No more crowded classrooms, no more boring lectures, a much better teacher-to-student ratio and the flexibility to learn at your own pace.

At Forest Trail Academy, we offer accredited online k-12 courses for all grades - Kindergarten through High School. Our teaching methods offer you everything a traditional school does – teachers, projects, homework, class discussions as well as tests to evaluate and monitor your child’s progress. We offer your child an encouraging environment to learn and develop skills that will be vital in school as well as at the workplace.

Homeschooling v/s Classroom Teaching

It’s no secret that students often find it hard to concentrate in a classroom based environment. Distractions are a common occurrence. Even parents complain about the low teacher-to-student ratio. This is where online homeschooling scores over the classroom. Students are free to apply for a varied number of courses as per their preference, and can study the subject material at their own pace.

It encourages a wholesome understanding of the subject and encourages children to focus on learning rather than just grades. Also, Tour teachers offer your child the dedicated attention that is needed, which can only be achieved through online learning. Our teachers are well qualified and are always available to help students overcome challenges they face.

Forest Trail Academy also offers you the freedom to express your opinion freely without the possibility of being ridiculed openly. This encourages individual thought and does not force children to conform to just one line of thinking. At Forest Trail Academy, we encourage our students to think independently and foster a sense of confidence that enforces lifelong learning.

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